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Thursday, August 6, 2015

30 Book Challenge!

As a fifth grade teacher, I require my students to read 30 books throughout the year. The idea is from Donalyn Miller's book The Book Whisperer. If you haven't read her books...you need to check them out! Her follow up, Reading in the Wild is fantastic as well. In her book she has the 40 Book Challenge for her 6th graders but I would say 30 books is still a challenge for some of my 5th graders.

We also require each student to read a variety of genres. Most of them end up surprised by the genres that they ACTUALLY like! Crazy huh?! We give them 15 genre requirements and 15 "choice books" as we call them. After each book they read, they have to complete a book report/book review for each book. They usually do this during reading workshop so they don't have to do this at home. Yes, I know, as soon as I say book report I get 30 "eye rolls" from my students! But they realize it isn't actually thaaaat bad.

I've created a book where my students can record the books they've read, genres they've read and all of their "book reports". It's an easy way for the students to stay organized as well as for me to check in with them on how they are doing with their challenge. Head on over to my TPT store to check it out! :)

I created a version with the option of no picture (pictured above) or an option where students can draw a picture of their favorite scene, book cover, etc from the book!

Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know how you like the product, I am always looking for feedback...since I am a newbie and all! ;)

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

TPT Back to School Sale Haul!

I am SO excited about my purchases in the TPT Back to School sale! I didn't get everything on my extremelyyy long wish list but I made a pretty good dent in it ;).

For starters, I am ready to decorate my bulletin boards with Amy Groesbeck's (The Animated Teacher) amazing, colorful and useful bulletin board kits. I purchased her science, math, and writing sets. Each one comes with useful information to display that students can refer to. They also have useful handouts to go along with them. Click the pictures if you would like to find them in her TPT store!


Another useful bulletin board display I purchased is from Literacy for Big Kids's Building a Reading Community Posters. I think building a reading community is extremely important and something that I begin starting from the first day of school. We will more than likely fill all of these posters with the amount of books that we read daily! It will be so great to visually track the books we read! :) You can find it in her TPT store here.

Another product from Literacy for Big Kids is her 5th Grade ELA Common Core Reading Exit Ticket bundle (can you tell I love her products?). I LOVE exit tickets! I use them all the time in math and this year I want to continue to use them more in reading. They are the perfect quick check for understanding.

Up next was another Close Reading packet from Fifth in the Middle. Her close reading packs are my favorite and my students REALLY enjoy doing them! Last year I did them through small groups for the most part. We would do a different passage a week and dive into them using different comprehension skills. They have really benefited my students and I am excited to add the October pack to my collection! :)

The last one I will share with you all is Joey Udovich's (Create, Teach and Share) Interactive Writing Center for grades 3-6. This product looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to implement it into my classroom. I haven't decided exactly HOW I am going to do that yet...but I know it will be useful during our writing block! It comes with bulletin board posters, handouts and examples to help students become independent with the centers.

I bought a few more things, like Oh Boy 4th Grade's Currently for the Classroom, a Math review and some new digital clip art, backgrounds and borders for a little creating of my own! Now to put all of these amazing products to use! I'm so thankful for all the amazing teacher authors and bloggers that actually get me excited for school to start each year! :)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to School: Meet the Teacher! :)

Hello! Since the TPT sale is only a few hours from being over, I am finally done with my TPT haul. I don't want to know how much money I spent, but I think I got some amazing products that are making me super excited for back to school! So what better way to celebrate back to school than joining Mrs. D's Corner BTS linky?!

This week is Meet the Teacher! I don't start school until September 8th so I still have a ways to go until Meet the Teacher night. On that note, I will do a little introduction of myself as well as some products I used last year for meet the teacher!

I teach 5th grade in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This will be my third year teaching 5th grade and I could not be more excited to start my third year and meet my new 5th graders! :) Many students in my class were in my class when I student taught in 2nd grade so I am looking forward to working with many familiar faces! I am also starting my second (and final) year of my Masters in Reading in August and am looking forward to learning more and improving my literacy teaching skills. To learn a little more about me, check out the Meet Miss Hausman form I send home with my students at back to school night! (You can find an editable version of this from Rowdy in Room 300 on her blog...so cute right?!)

Another form I like to send home on Meet the Teacher night is my Parent 3-2-1. You can find it here at my TPT store. This is a great way to get a little information about my incoming 5th graders without making the parents fill out too much paperwork! 

Last year my 5th grade team used Chalk and Apples Back to School Flip Book and it is the PERFECT way to give out all the information in one! you can find it at her TPT store here. I absolutely love this product and is super easy to change a few things from year to year.

I am hoping to create some informational magnets that have my contact information on them as well as some treat bags for my incoming students. Last year, Back to School night looked a little something like this! I'm thinking it will be fairly similar this year! :)

Be sure to check out the other teachers in this BTS linky by heading over to Mrs. D's Corner! See you next week for the BTS: Building Relationships! Have a Wonderful Wednesday! :)

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hello August!

Yay! Can you believe it is already August?! I can't...but am excited that Labor Day is late this year! That means I still have a whole month left of summer! I am linking up for my FIRST Currently. As a new blogger I am excited for a chance to link up with other teachers!

Listening - My laundry has been piling up the past week or so (oops!), but on this extremely hot day I am finding myself finally getting that done. While in that process, I have been getting caught up on some Netflix shows!

Loving - I am LOVING the Back to School TPT sale that starts tomorrow! My wish list has been piling up this summer waiting for the sale. This sale and all the amazing products are definitely getting me excited for school to start!

Thinking - I have a huge to do list from creating products for school, reading a few more books on my Kindle, getting my classroom ready, preparing myself for two more masters classes to begin in August and getting everything bought and organized for my first home! All very exciting but very time consuming!

Wanting - Eek! I am excited to say I am finally (almost) a home owner! We close on the 28th..crossing my fingers everything goes smoothly! As I am preparing, I have been stalking Pinterest and the Pottery Barn website and wanting EVERYTHING! Ugh...I wish! I suppose I will be doing a lot of DIY projects instead!

Needing - I have been so busy with my summer job and finding some time to have a social life that my classroom has taken the back burner. I am ready and needing to get back in there to get it all ready and organized for the new school year!

B2S RAK - I'm loving this idea! There are so many things that I could do for RAK to begin the school year. One thing I know that ALWAYS goes over well are treats in the lounge! It's amazing how quickly treats from the lounge go..anyone else's school lounge like that?

Check out what everyone else is up to by visiting Oh Boy Fourth Grade! Have an amazing start to your August everyone! :)

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