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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Character Education - Year Long Program!

Does your school have a PBIS or school-wide character education program? We do and I love it! Each month is dedicated to a different character trait - for example, September is always Self-Discipline. On the morning announcements there is always a question about the character trait of the month and we have a discussion about it. At the end of the month, each teacher in the school nominates a student for the "All Star" and they get recognized at the All Star Program. Their parents get to come in and have breakfast with them and they get awarded a certificate - they also get to be late for class :). Haha!

I love the program and really wanted to do more with it in my classroom to recognize ALL students who show certain character traits. So I created a Character Education program! I am SO excited to implement this in my classroom.

I have set up a bulletin board where I will display the character trait of the month poster, a quote that represents it and "Character Shout Out" slips for the students or teachers to fill out! I will also place the "All Stars" or "Student of the Month" pictures on this board and display them all year. :)

The quote idea comes from Miss 5th's Instagram page! Find it here! I loved it and wanted to implement it somehow into my classroom...so I am incorporating it into this program! I will allow the students to look up quotes that they think will fit the character trait for the month. We will choose the quote and leave it on the board for the whole month as our "motto". The student who is the "Student of the Month" gets to take the quote off the board and keep the quote!

I plan on introducing the character trait each month with a read aloud and discussing what it would look like in the classroom. Then each student will understand what types of actions to look for from their peers before giving them a shout out! 

Each month there is a different trait:
  • September:   Self - Discipline
  • October:  Healthy Choices
  • November:  Responsibility
  • December:  Caring
  • January:  Perseverance
  • February:  Respect
  • March:  Citizenship
  • April:  Honesty
  • May:  Courage

There are 5 different versions of each of these posters and 4 different versions of each of the certificates! - Bonus that each one has an emoji on it...we all know students love emojis! :) 

This will be my first year implementing so I do not have pictures of students with their certificates yet. But I will take a picture of the students and post them on the bulletin board. :) 

There are three different templates to choose from here to post their picture with: Color and 2 Black and White!

Let me know how YOU implement character education in your classroom and if you have any read aloud suggestions! You can find the product here in my TPT store! :)